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It was after the Enterprise Uganda trainings that I learnt that business growth is about consumer and competitor realization and a great deal of good customer care. It was then that I set goals and immediately took action to achieve the set goals.

When all this was put in to action, that’s when I achieved more cash flows, more customers and more savings so I was able to reinvest 50% of the profits that I made.


Through trainings with Enterprise Uganda, we have been able to engage our suppliers to give us more goods on credit to deliver to our customers. In the end, it has reduced the financial burden of trying to get physical cash to purchase and supply the clients.

We have also made an effort to try and order direct from the manufacturers and currently we are importing from china so that we have enough goods available at all times for our customers.


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BEST Programme -Youths & Households
Women Entrepreneurs
Beneficiaries of Entrepreneurship Training Workshops
Business Linkages – Rural Communities & Farmers’ Groups

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Financial Literacy

Two approaches are used for this course. The first approach looks at the personal level, thus personal financial literacy and the second approach looks at the SME Level. At personal level, Individuals and families need basic financial knowledge and skills to manage financial resources effectively for a lifetime of financial well-being.

Business Enterprise Start-up Tool

The 5-day BEST training equips households, youth and other upcoming entrepreneurs with the confidence and practical skills to start and run successful enterprises. It identifies and confronts negative attitudes, beliefs which act as obstacles to creating jobs by young people and re-orientates mindsets suited for a globalized business village.

Mentoring Program

The Enterprise Uganda mentoring program matches young entrepreneur between 18-35 years old to established, qualified and experienced business mentors who provide non financial support and guidance during the start-up phase and expansion of their business. Mentorship cultivates entrepreneurial successes, fosters innovation and generates new job opportunities – all helping to address the level of unemployment among the youth in Uganda.

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