Our Initiatives

Enterprise Uganda Initiatives

We have an extensive layout of initiatives that are meant to offer coverage of all populations groups in Uganda that is the youth, the educated and skilled, the unemployed, females among other groups. Our Iniavtes cover all the major regions of the country from North to Central, East to West. Below are some of our top Initiatives.

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The Global Entreprenueship Week 

GEW 2021: November 8 - 14

Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is an international initiative that introduces entrepreneurship to young people in six continents. GEW emerged in 2008 as a result of Enterprise Week UK and Entrepreneurship Week USA 2007. Since its creation, more than 10 million people from roughly 170 countries have participated in entrepreneurship-related events, activities and competitions during GEW. 


The Northern Uganda Youth Entrepreneurship Project (NUYEP) is a social and economic empowerment programme aimed at improving the livelihoods of 10,800 youth and their families through entrepreneurship

  • The Project has been implemented since June 2013 by Enterprise Uganda and Youth Business International (YBI) with funding from the Department for International Development (DFID)


Other Initiatives

Value Chains Development
Business Linkage Programme
Switch Africa Green
World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)
Stanbic Business Mentorship Programm 
Entreprenuership Training Works
Enterprise Productivity Skills Development
Business & Enterprise Start-Up Tool - BEST
DFID/YOUTH Business International - NUYEP