Moses Omudong

I graduated with a Certificate in Welding and

Plumbing from Elgon Technical Institute five

years ago. I struggled to find a job and lost hope. I

spent most of my time playing cards and betting,

thinking that one day I might win the lottery.

My thinking changed drastically after attending

the NUYEP training held by Enterprise Uganda. I

thought that one needed a lot of money to start a

business, but we were encouraged in the training

to start small and grow big!

In 2013 I started a small business making bricks

but it was not making enough money. I sold a very

popular sports t-shirt of mine and was able to raise

enough money to buy welding equipment.

Today I am the proud owner of a welding

and carpentry business worth UGX100m.

My business employs 19 people and makes an

average of UGX15million gross income

per month.

I am happy that I’m in a position to provide my

family with life’s basic needs, such education,

food and shelter. I also built a house, bought land,

a motor-cycle and acquired more machinery

and equipment for my business. I also help train

school drop-outs, enabling them to earn a living.

My future plans are to build a technical school

where I can train and equip youth with welding

and plumbing skills.

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