This group is located Kagogo village, Bigaga parish Butanda sub-county. The group existed but used to save and share money among group members. With 15 members who are all women they thought of a business they can do.

After the training, we decided to use the money to buy materials to use in making baskets. We got money from the group to hire someone to train us and she charged us 200,000. Each week we make at least 30 baskets and each basket range from 3,000 to 5,000 implying that we make maximum sales of 90000 per week.

We also used money from these baskets to buy sorghum and sell it. We keep the sorghum in the store and spray it such that it is not affected by the weevils based on the knowledge acquired during the training.

The business of selling sorghum, we started with 2,000,000 to buy sorghum and we have so far sold 1,800,000 and there are 6 bags remaining. People from the community have approached us to join the group and others pay to be trained and we also rent the house to keep baskets and all materials.