Annah Busingye

42 years old is a senior two dropout with a family of 4 members from Kamuganguzi sub-county.

Before training with Enterprise Uganda, I was growing Irish potatoes, sorghum and beans. I used to do farming but didn’t have where to sell the produce, never used to care for the chicken.
After training, I got skills to build an improved store for the Irish potatoes. After harvesting Irish potatoes, I sort out big ones for sale and the other ones for eating and the small ones for planting. I also started making yeast for selling and I get 300,000 per month. I was not doing this business before training. I have not sold Irish potatoes yet but I expect to get some good money and seeds for planting next season. From the training, I got knowledge and skills to manage the business, learnt how to keep money in the bank or Sacco this greatly improved on savings. I now save 10,000 per month and increase from 5,000 per month before the training. I used to have 1 goat but now I have 4 goats. We started a drama group and bought uniforms; we perform on wedding parties and earn money as a group. The group has 32 members and it’s called “Ahabuzaniro drama actors.”