Mugabirwe Eunice Mutebwa

Aged 49 years hails from Kasheregyenyi parish, Kamuganguzi sub-county. She finished tertiary education and has a family of 8 people. She says;

I had a poultry project before Enterprise Uganda training but stopped it since it was very tiresome. I had 700 chickens but I decided to close it and rest as I settled for growing Irish potatoes. After the training with Enterprise Uganda, I learnt how to grow and harvest. I learnt that getting breeds from research centres would be fruitful. I buy seedlings from the research centre and then multiply them. The breed indeed provided more harvest. I planted 200kgs and harvested 3,120kgs with each kg selling at 2000. This roughly generated me income of 6,240,000. Also after attending training, I made racks for storing Irish potatoes due to the knowledge I acquired and I apply pesticides. I always sort the Irish potatoes according to sizes. The big ones are for selling and the small ones for planting. I also learnt to add value on the items we produce and have acquired a machine to make crisps in order to make more profits from Irish potatoes. I have managed to increase income from growing Irish potatoes and also generate another 300,000 per month from selling milk. I have been able to raise school fees without getting loans. Even I wanted the loan, I can now afford to borrow and pay back. I Plan to increase the quantity of Irish grown.