Before training, I was doing tailoring but I was not minding about it. I also had knitting machines for making sweaters. I also had a job of “centre guide” looking after children with a leading NGO.  After training, I discovered that you can leave a job and make your own money.  After quitting the job, I started making more money than I used to make while I was employed.

I learnt how to make money and after the training. I got someone to train me how to do tailoring in addition to knitting. I decided to open up a training centre for other people and I was happy to see them leave with skills to make their own designs. I started by doing tailoring at home and when customers became many, I decided to rent a house in the trading centre and I now make more money.

I also grow climbing beans because I learnt how to grow beans in a modern way. I invited an expert in growing climbing beans and how to space them and spray them. They look healthy; I learnt all these skills through the training.

Before training, my capital was about 1,500,000 and its now worth 6,000,000. I also stock clothes for selling. I pay school fees for children and two children have just graduated. I also have one student in first year at Makerere University and others in secondary. I have started a project of chicken which I started with 6 chicken and they have now multiplied to 37.

Savings per month have increased from 100,000 to 300,000 per month. I never used to mind about saving since I did not have money.