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Mugabirwe Eunice Mutebwa
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Annah Busingye
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    This group is located Kagogo village, Bigaga parish Butanda sub-county. The group existed but used to save and share money among group members. With 15 members who are all women they thought of a business they can do. After the training, we decided to use the money to buy materials to use in making baskets.

    December 20, 2020
  • Annah Busingye

    42 years old is a senior two dropout with a family of 4 members from Kamuganguzi sub-county. Before training with Enterprise Uganda, I was growing Irish potatoes, sorghum and beans. I used to do farming but didn’t have where to sell the produce, never used to care for the chicken.  After training, I got skills

    December 20, 2020
  • Mugabirwe Eunice Mutebwa

    Aged 49 years hails from Kasheregyenyi parish, Kamuganguzi sub-county. She finished tertiary education and has a family of 8 people. She says; I had a poultry project before Enterprise Uganda training but stopped it since it was very tiresome. I had 700 chickens but I decided to close it and rest as I settled for

    December 20, 2020

    Before training, I was doing tailoring but I was not minding about it. I also had knitting machines for making sweaters. I also had a job of “centre guide” looking after children with a leading NGO.  After training, I discovered that you can leave a job and make your own money.  After quitting the job, I started

    December 20, 2020